The Relax Protocol- Helping the reactive dog

The reactive dog is a very common behavior problem in our world today. Dogs have a hard time with barriers; Fences, Doors, and Leashes. This Program is designed to help owners understand why their dog is behaving in this way. We will encourage good behavior around dogs and people. We will teach you and your dog to RELAX!

Building a confident dog

This program is designed to build confidence for dogs that are afraid. We will encourage the dogs to play with new items and work towards agility equipment. We will also work on nose/scent work to help give the fearful dog a job and in return it will build confidence.

Remember a problem behavior like Fear or Reactivity are not only hard for the owner, the dogs that have these issues can not enjoy life as well.

Fortunate Fido is here to help you and Fido live a better life.

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Behavior MODIFICATION Programs



  • Fear - shying away, hiding from visitors, fear biting/growling
  • Aggression - Guarding resources, biting family members, growling, aggressive jumping and mouthing, and barking
  • Frustration - barking at windows, fence fighting, doors/jumping on visitors,reactivity on leash towards people/dogs/ or other animals 


Private Training Hour  Call or e-mail to set up a private training lesson at Fortunate Fido. If you would like to sign up on line click here.  

This is a one hour lesson with Ginger Alpine and/or Paige Malone. Pick and choose what you would like to work on. It could be as simple as learning more about your puppy, training impulse control, learning foundations of parkour/agility, teaching your dog to relax around other dogs, confidence building for the fearful dog, controlling aggressive behavior, teaching your dog not to jump on visitors, coming when called, potty training and more. $80.00 an hour, after your first visit follow up lessons are $60.00.  Please bring your dog's current vaccination records and lots of yummy treats with you for your lesson. 

Private lesson times/days Tuesday & Wednesday from 9am until 1pm, Saturdays and some evenings when available. In-home training only available to established clients, at least one private lesson at Fortunate Fido is required before an in-home training session can be scheduled. 


The Relax Protocol 

6 lessons - at Fortunate Fido

This is a protocol that we have had lots of success with at Fortunate Fido. It has been developed by Ginger Alpine, CPDT-KSA. Our lessons include target training, relaxation training, training to help minimize frustration and aggressive behavior, teaching your dog to have a job that will encourage team work and builds a long lasting training relationship. 

 $370.00 Click here to sign up today                                        

Confident Fido Protocol

6 lessons - at Fortunate Fido

This is a protocol that Ginger Alpine, CPDT-KSA has developed over her 23 years of experience. We include confidence building therapy sessions, relaxation training, and confidence building games with agility equipment and scent work. Our goal is to teach your dog that he can trust his caregiver to keep him safe. Safety is one of the strongest motivators and we help teach our clients how to build a safe and trusting training relationship.   

 $370.00  Click here to sign up today