Training TIPS


Show Fido how to love his crate:

  • Purchase a metal crate and put it near your bed or in the bedroom. Dogs are very social creatures and love to sleep near someone.
  • Leave the door to your dog’s crate open. Let him investigate whenever he would like. Do not force your dog into the crate.
  • After a few hours of the crate being in the home, tell your dog to “kennel up” and toss a tasty treat in to the crate. Say “Good dog.”
  • Repeat
  • Once your dog is going into the crate each time stop throwing the treat. Instead, say "Kennel up" and then gesture as if you were tossing a treat. Say “Good dog ” and treat once your dog is in the crate.
  • Practice short trial periods (5 minutes) with your dog in the crate before trying long durations.
  • Give your dog something yummy to chew (stuffed Kong) in the crate.
  • Never open the crate when your dog is barking, crying or scratching. Wait for that behavior to stop even for a moment, then you can release your dog.
  • Never leave your dog in the crate for more than 8 hours.