Payton teaching a few puppies how to do a down.

Things to remember when training a dog:


  • Start in an environment that has few distractions

  • Wait until the dog does something good. Now reward with a treat.

  • When asking a dog to do a behavior like sit, make sure you help the dog after the cue has been given. When helping a dog to learn sit just place the treat above his nose and lure back just enough that he sits. Now treat.

  • Each time you go into a new environment it is like starting all over again. So take it slow and you may have to go back to helping your dog.

  • Always have fun. Never train your dog when you are in bad mood.

  • Play with your dog. This creates a wonderful bond and tells the dog it is fun to work and be near you.

  • Be light hearted. Smile and laugh at your dog. They love to make us laugh!

  • Praise your dog when they have done some thing right. Dogs sometimes even seem to like it if you clap for them.

  • You can also use their food as the treat. Having your dog work for each meal is very rewarding. Most dogs love to work one piece of food at a time.

  • Dogs love praise and treats while working, some dogs even love a pat on the chest. But most of the dogs I see would rather you not pet them on the head during training. Most dogs don’t seem to like being petted on the head any ways. If you pet your dog during training and they walk away it is a sure sign that the petting was not rewarding.


Games to play:


Relay- having 2 or more people calling your dog for treats or play. Get a few members of the family to do this every night. Once your dog loves this game take it out side in the fenced area or on long leashes (20 feet).


Hide and seek- Someone holds your dog while you hide or you could ask for a wait. Once you are in your hiding place say “Fido come” When he/she find you  play or treat.

Most of all have fun and your dog will learn well!

Dogs are dogs and people are people. There is no need to put a dog in it's so call place(bottom of the pack?). You are already the one in charge you have all the resources.

Have your dog work for the things it needs and loves and you will have a well trained dog.

Good luck!

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