Training TIPS

Potty Training

Easy as 1 2 3!

1. Keep your puppy safely confined when you are unable to watch the puppy. You should never have to ask “where is the puppy?”

2. Take the puppy outside on leash and stand still while saying the phrase “hurry up” until the puppy goes potty. Once the puppy starts to go say “what a good puppy” as soon as the puppy is done treat! You should use a high value treat (example: a little piece of cooked chicken). Now your puppy will save up all the urine so they can get that special reward that he/she only gets when they potty outside.

3. If you take your puppy outside and he/she does not go potty, bring the puppy back into the home and put the puppy into the crate for about 5 to 10 minutes and then try again.


  • Never punish your puppy by rubbing their nose in their feces. This is an old method that could case major behavior problems down the road.
  • If your puppy does have an accident in the home and you did not see it the only thing you can do is not to let it happen again with better supervision next time.
  • If your puppy is going to the bath room right in front of you of course scoop the puppy up and take it outside. Now that your interrupted the puppy you need to wait outside until the puppy is finished with praise and treat when he/she is done.