• Active English Bulldog

    Active English Bulldog

    Go Boy! Go!

  • Golden Retriever at the Pier

    Golden Retriever at the Pier

    Such a good boy!

  • This Beach Playing is Tough

    This Beach Playing is Tough

    Ahh, a moment of relaxation!

  • Puppies Playing

    Puppies Playing

    Too much fun!!!

  • Ginger 

    Ginger, CPDT- KSA teaches people in North East Ohio how to have a wonderful relationship with their dog. She handles in-home behavior modification cases and classes at Fortunate Fido. Ginger specializes in Fear and Aggression cases.There is a better way to teach dogs then to induce pain and/or fear. Ginger has also led the way in development and teaching APDT and C-WAGS Rally obedience classes. Ginger attends at least 15 hours of educational seminars each year.

    •24 years as a professional dog trainer.

    The Academy for Dog Trainers (2002) and National K-9 Columbus,Ohio(1993)


    • CPDT-KSA- Certified Professional Dog Trainer www.ccpdt.org
    • CC -SF/SPCA Counseling Certificate
    • APDT- Member of the year (2002)
    • World Cynosport Rally obedience Judge, level 1, 2, and 3
    • C-WAGS judge
    • UKC Rally Judge

    Personal interest:
    Ginger has a busy life with family, friends and of course dogs! Ginger loves Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland has some of the best dog related activities around! Canine(greyhound) Fun Days is one of the favorites and of course the IX show each December! Pet expo was a great experience too. Ginger's goal is to teach everyone how to have a wonderful time with their dog, with out the use of painful methods of dog training. A little work and dedication develops a wonderful working relationship that is fun and forever lasting. Teach your dog to love you not fear you!


    Ginger is a consultant for behavior problems and teaches

    Private lessons - Fear and aggression - Monday, Tuesdays, and Wednesday

    Fido Fundamentals 

    Cooperative Fido

    Rally Class- Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

    Relax seminars

    Ginger has a special interest in training rescued dogs and their new owners so the dogs stay in the great homes that decided to adopt them.

    Ginger's DOGS


    ARCH Sunny PupPup

    RN,RL1x,RL2,RL3,CW-Ob1,CW-Ob2,CW-SR, CW-Z1, CW-AR

    13 year old All- American, Owner and Handler, Paige


    ARCHX Diesel



    9 year old Papillon in

    Owner and Handler Payton/Ginger

    ARCH Pioneer's Lily Billy Bird

    RN, CW-Ob1, CW-SR, CW-Z1, RL1, RL2, TG1, TBAD,

    7 year old Field Spaniel 

    Owner and Handler, Ginger




    ARCH Pistol 2/14/2004 to 4/10/2015

    RIP my friend 



    Garrett, CGC, R1MCL,R2CL All-American(1993-2007)

    Kita, German Shepherd (1990-2003)

    The Best teachers I ever had!

    Kita and Garrett are the dogs that helped me cross over to Humane Dog training.

    I will miss you my dear friends!



    Fortunate Fido is known for our experienced dog trainers! Ginger graduated from Jean Donaldson's Trainers Academy! And each of our trainers have had education and certification. 

    And of course more! Read our Trainers Bio's and see for your yourself!


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