• Active English Bulldog

    Active English Bulldog

    Go Boy! Go!

  • Golden Retriever at the Pier

    Golden Retriever at the Pier

    Such a good boy!

  • This Beach Playing is Tough

    This Beach Playing is Tough

    Ahh, a moment of relaxation!

  • Puppies Playing

    Puppies Playing

    Too much fun!!!

  • LISA

    Lisa grew up in the world of horses riding and competing in English hunter classes and equitation from a young age. She went to the dogs in 1993 when she & husband Dean got their first dog and Border Terrier, Nicky. Wanting to simply have a reasonably well-mannered dog, Lisa and Nicky attended obedience classes at the local kennel club. Soon they were encouraged by her instructor to enter an obedience trial, which they did and won the Novice A class! In 1994, Tasha joined the family, and went on to outshine Nicky in everything that she did. Lisa, Dean and their dogs also discovered earthdog trials, agility, rally and conformation shows but most important to them is pet therapy work, which has been an active passion since 1996. Lisa, Nicky & Tasha were one of the therapy dog teams (now Disaster Stress Relief dogs) involved at the Pentagon Family Assistance Center near Washington, D.C. following the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

    Currently, Lisa’s two dogs are Seven and Pip. Seven is now 8 years old, and Lisa’s crossover dog. She describes him as incredibly talented, reactive, outspoken, funny and very humbling. Pip is a 12 year old rehome that joined the family 3 years ago. Pip is a very mellow guy but also a blues singer, and so far has enjoyed rally, agility and earthdog, but always on his terms.

    Lisa is an avid competitor and relishes the times when dog and handler work as one. Training to her is a life long journey. She constantly studies training and handling techniques to better her self and others. She believes in positive dog training that builds a solid foundation that is fun for both dog and handler. She is careful to never loose sight that dogs are first and foremost our best friends and family members and she enjoys the journey of training along with all that her dogs have to teach her.

    Lisa has participated in classes at Fortunate Fido, and working spots in classes and/or seminars with Susan Salo; Deb Jones, PhD & Judy Keller of “K-9 In Focus”; Susan Garrett; 2010 AKC Agility World Team member Ann Stocum; Maria Duthie of “Annisage”; Gerianne Darnell of “Obedience Camp for the Small Dog”, and has audited seminars by AKC Agility World Team Coach Nancy Gyes and conformation handler George Alston.

    The Dogs (all Border Terriers so far):
    Seven – CH Ristle Resistance Is Futile CD, RAE, AX, AXJ, OF, NJP, ME, CW-Ob1,
    CW-Ob2, CW-SR, CGC, TDInc., R.E.A.D., THD
    Pip – Belhaven’s Piper of Perth CG, SE, RE, NJP, CGC, TDInc., R.E.A.D., THD
    {Nicky – Luvemur North State Edition CDX, NA, CG, ME, CGC, TDIAOV, DSR, R.E.A.D.}
    {Tasha – Luvemur Sparkle Plenty CDX, RE, NA, AXP, MJP, ME, CGC, TDIAOV, DSR, R.E.A.D.}

    Lisa teaches:

    Beginner and advanced JUMP! Class


    Lisa's DOGS






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