• Active English Bulldog

    Active English Bulldog

    Go Boy! Go!

  • Golden Retriever at the Pier

    Golden Retriever at the Pier

    Such a good boy!

  • This Beach Playing is Tough

    This Beach Playing is Tough

    Ahh, a moment of relaxation!

  • Puppies Playing

    Puppies Playing

    Too much fun!!!

  • Monica 


     Monica has always been drawn to animals, dogs in particular. Her original dream since she could talk was to be a veterinarian. Monica graduated from The University of Findlay with a double major in Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Biology, and a minor in Chemistry. Throughout her four years of undergraduate schooling, she learned a lot about medicine, and a lot about behavior. With the knowledge she had acquired, she decided behavior was the true route she wanted to take in life.

    During her senior year, she did a semester long internship at the Hancock County Humane Society, working with the many dogs that came through, and introducing the dogs to clicker training. In the summer of 2011, after graduating college in May, she went on to attend the Karen Pryor Academy. In January of 2012, she graduated with distinction, officially earning her KPA-CTP certification.

    Monica is a registered Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a Therapy Dogs Incorporated Tester/Observer. Monica is required by Karen Pryor Academy to attend at least 12 continuing education credits a year. She enjoys rally, agility, conformation, therapy, and crisis response work with her own dalmatians, Delta and Doc.


    Monica, B.S. KPA-CTP

    Graduate of Karen Pryor Academy of Dog Training and Behavior

    B.S. in Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Biology


    Monica teaches:

    Fido Fundamentals

    Cooperative Fido




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