• Active English Bulldog

    Active English Bulldog

    Go Boy! Go!

  • Golden Retriever at the Pier

    Golden Retriever at the Pier

    Such a good boy!

  • This Beach Playing is Tough

    This Beach Playing is Tough

    Ahh, a moment of relaxation!

  • Puppies Playing

    Puppies Playing

    Too much fun!!!

  • Paige


    Paige has worked at Fortunate Fido since she was a young girl. Paige has grown up around dog training and has helped her mom's business grow by helping with aggression and fear cases through out the years. She is currently in the process of become an Animal Massage Practitioner. Paige's goal is to help people understand how to help their dog through husbandry work, exercise/Parkour, and canine fitness. She believes these are the foundations in having a long lasting training relationship with your dog and are skills needed for everyday life.

    Paige has been around animals her whole life. She was in 4-H, competes in Rally trials with her dog Sunny  (Aussie/Terrier mix), and Gunner (lab/boxer/pit mix). Paige and Sunny have been participating in Rally trials since she was eight years old, in Canine Work and Games, American Kennel Club and World Cynosport/ APDT venues (for which they have won many titles). Paige's hobbies are spending time with her family, competing with Sunny and Gunner, fishing and anything to do with the outdoors.

    Paige is a C-WAGS Rally judge    www.c-wags.org 

    Paige teaches: Parkour, Cooperative Fido, Fido Fundamentals, and  Puppy Fundamentals. 



    Fortunate Fido is known for our experienced dog trainers! Ginger graduated from Jean Donaldson's Trainers Academy! And each of our trainers have had education and certification. 

    And of course more! Read our Trainers Bio's and see for your yourself!


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