Peter, CPDT-KA

Peter's first career is in physics, which he teaches at Baldwin Wallace University. He has loved dogs his entire life and through them has found much joy and wisdom. While volunteering at Berea Animal Rescue over 6 years, he discovered a passion for helping improve the behavior and well-being of dogs. During his time at the shelter, he encountered a wide range of training techniques.

Peter soon found that the positive reinforcement methods are not only the most fun, they are also the most effective, and are backed by scientific research. He especially enjoys the opportunity to combine the art and science of dog training.
Reactive dogs and fearful dogs hold a special place in Peter's heart, perhaps because they care so much about the world around them!  He offers individual coaching sessions for fearful and reactive dogs, with the goal of helping both dogs and their owners become more relaxed, confident, and safe, so that they can have more fun and better enjoy their time together!


Peter teaches:

Safe Sunday - private lessons with Fearful dogs